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Kristin Fredricksson

Artistic Director

Kristin founded Beady Eye with the award-winning Everything Must Go in 2009. She's a performer, maker, mother and somatic educator. From Wales.


Amy Howard

Performer / Collaborator

Amy is a performer, musician, mother and educator. She runs and performs in outdoors theatre company, Honk Project, with Grant Stimpson. From the UK.


Annette Foster

Performer / Collaborator

Annette is a multidisciplinary performance and live artist, autistic self-advocate and PhD researcher. From the US.


Lise Boucon

Artistic Accomplice

Lise is a multi-genre artist working across theatre, dance and live art. She performs solo and with Spitz & Co in Les Gloriables. From France.


Petri Delights


Petri Delights are a duo of exciting young ecowarrior designers working in dance and theatre: they are Sonia Odedra and Maggie Campbell. From the UK and Canada.


Our Support

Without Walls & SIRF

R & D supported by 101 Outdoor Arts and The Marlowe Theatre Canterbury. 2021 redevelopment supported by the Arts Council of England.

Team: Meet the Company
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